Misdirected Marketing


Hello, Bill FitzPatrick, President of Wellesley Real Estate.

In many listing presentations, you will hear competing agents describe their strategies to locate that one perfect buyer for your home. Yes, most agents are focused on finding the buyer for your home. This sounds right. However, it is wrong. This "find the buyer" focus of the majority of luxury agents is misdirected.

Here are the facts.

Luxury real estate sales statistics clearly show that this "find the one buyer" strategy is a misplacement of energies. Historically, in the luxury real estate field, listing agents directly procure only 10% or fewer of eventual buyers! This means that the odds are 90%+ that the buyer of your home will result from my direct actions in locating a cooperating agent or a relocation company with the right motivated buyer.

This cooperating agent may be in Wellesley. But, he or she could be in Dover, Weston, Newton, Boston, New York or London. I will use my network of connections. I will use MLS. I will use direct mail. I will be on the phone every day broadening my outreach until an agent with a qualified buyer is found.

This is not grunt work left to unmotivated assistants or office staff. As your personal representative, this is work that I do. This is my job and my personal pledge to you. I get on the phone and make calls and more calls. I visit comparative properties wherever they are located. I keep you involved with solid, relevant current advice.

This is the hard work of being a luxury real estate agent. It is finding that cooperating agent or relocation company with the right client. And, it is previewing comparable properties. It is refining the marketing strategy with you. It is work. It is getting the job done. Expect results. I work hard.

Immediately, as your marketing agent, I will begin to ramp up the activity level. I will keep the momentum building. My marketing strategy creates continuing activity with the goal of generating multiple offers while getting your home sold in a timely fashion and on your terms. Call me at any time 508-420-1800.

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