Agent or Agency


When it's time to sell your Wellesley home, you have multiple options.

You see a company with lots of "For Sale" signs around Wellesley and think that's what I should do. But, is a company with dozens of listing going to give you the personal attention you need and expect? Consider the real possibility that in a large company or with a high profile agent, you may find yourself shuffled off to an assistant.

Then, you think about how nice your agent was seven years ago when you bought your home and you think, no that's what I should do. But, the skills of a buyer's agent are much different than the skills needed by a professional sales agent. When you are selling, you need a sales specialist with a strong marketing background.

Then you think about the lovely person you know who has her real estate license and how upset she might be if you gave the listing to another agent.

Here's what you should do.

Selling your home should be primarily a business decision. It is big business. The average house in Wellesley is assessed at over a million dollars and many are multi-million dollar homes.

You owe it to yourself and your family to think long and hard because the sale of a Wellesley home is the largest financial transaction most residents will every make.

I encourage you to review and consider my resume. Then, call me for a no-pressure, no-obligation discussion. I promise you the highest level of professionalism.

But, not to worry, in addition to bringing an important business perspective to your Wellesley home sale, I'm a nice guy. I listen and there will be no pressure. We will work well together.

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