More money has been made in real estate than in all other forms of investing combined. In all countries, for all time, it has been, it is and it always will be the rich people who own the real estate.

Read my book "Build Your Real Estate Dynasty" on my website, Or, call or text me for a free copy, 508-420-1800.

The plan is simple: buy six properties and love your tenants. Your tenants will help you to pay off your mortgages and then your tenants will continue to pay rent. As time passes, your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will collect the rents. When does this end? It doesn't. You will be creating a family dynasty of wealth that can last forever.

Real estate investing is an excellent family business with a virtual foolproof success rate. Yes, put your kids to work. Everyone can read the book and participate.

Here's a challenge. Go online and research Wellesley home and condo prices back twenty years. Can you find any property that you would not buy today at yesterday's prices?

Investment condos in the Wellesley area have a 100% occupancy rate while commanding premium rents. Investment condos are easy to manage. I can find you affordable investment condos in Natick or Framingham or luxury units in Wellesley or Boston.

Today, how appreciative would you had your parents and grandparents been real estate investors and you were now collecting the rents every month?

At two million dollars, you are among the richest one percent of Americans. At one million, you are among the richest one percent in the world. I would be happy to help you and your children join them.

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