Pricing a Luxury Home in Wellesley


Pricing a luxury home in Wellesley is both a science and an art.

The science of home valuation involves gathering all relevant past and present comparable sales data to determine a reasonable price that will attract a pool of qualified prospects.

I can do this pricing survey for you.

My four decades of experience allows me to offer you additional service. Together, we will go further and craft a marketing plan that may result in your achieving a premium price for your Wellesley home.

We can expect that buyers of seven figure Wellesley homes are schooled and seasoned in business practices. We can expect that before making an offer, they will have done their own research and estimations. We can expect that they will enter negotiations with their own idea of fair.

Always in control, we will listen and then we will be prepared to support our pricing position with specific, reasoned justifications. Your home is distinctive, unlike any other Wellesley home. And, within this distinctiveness, we will identify the unique value points that explain and confirm our pricing position.

There is every reason to believe that with my representation, your home sale will be win/ win. It will be professionally managed, with your receiving a premium price and your buyers feeling that they have received a "good deal" reached through equitable negotiations.

This is how to sell a luxury home in Wellesley.

I am Bill FitzPatrick. I am Wellesley Real Estate. Let's meet. Call me at 508-420-1800.

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