What's The Worst That Can Happen?


You put your distinctive Wellesley home on the market for a reason; you want the house sold in a timely fashion. You have relocation plans.

OK. It's the first week on the market and everything seems fine. Your agent caters a Brokers' Open House. Everyone is so complimentary. You are given a nice brochure and shown a template website. Smiles abound. Over the next few weeks, there are sporadic showings and a few Sunday open houses. You ask about the open house attendance and get a wordless smile back. Then, activity dribbles down. Then, your enthusiastic agent becomes harder to reach.

What's the worst that can happen?

It's starting to happen - NOTHING! There is no activity.

When this happens, the fault is usually passive marketing. Passive marketing is easy. Your agent doesn't break a sweat or a nail. Passive marketing is insulting you with excuses. Passive marketing is placating you with minimally effective print ads.

Don't you feel good seeing your home in the glossy magazine? Without results, frankly, no you don't!

I am Bill FitzPatrick, President of Wellesley Real Estate and my commitment to you is active marketing. Active marketing is no excuses. It is hard work. It is the art of salesmanship. The hard work required is getting on the phone and staying on the phone, every day, calling the hundreds of luxury agents in my luxury database; locally, nationally and internationally. Diligence is the difference. It is creating excitement and generating showings. It is presenting cooperating agents with the unique value perspectives to share with their clients highlighting your specific home as worth purchasing, a solid investment.

You need activity to generate offers. Multiple offers maximize the sales price.

I will not leave you in the dark wondering what's going on. I want your active participation. I will give you constant feedback so that we can brainstorm and actively refine our marketing plan until our mutual goal is met - getting your home sold in a timely fashion under terms and at a price advantageous to you.

Yes, I am the thinking seller's agent. Let's talk about results. You can reach me 24/7. Here is my cellphone number 508-420-1800.

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