Negotiating a Luxury Transaction


The real "business" of preserving and enhancing your Wellesley home equity begins after an offer is made.

Like you, buyers of distinctive homes in Wellesley are sophisticated, business savvy, and financially secure buyers. Most will have multiple housing options. No one casually makes a seven-figure offer. Any prospect making an offer on your Wellesley home will be ready and serious. In most cases, you will be facing a value driven buyer with an agenda diametrically different from your interests.

This phase of the home selling process is rarely a gentleperson's game.

You need an agent capable of strengthening your position by asking the right questions of the right parties to understand the buyers' true motivations.

You need representation from an experienced agent of undivided loyalty who is singularly dedicated to protecting and promoting your interests. This is especially true since there will be a myriad of involved parties, some a help and some a hindrance, from buyers and cooperating agents to property inspectors and appraisers and others giving their opinions of fair and reasonable.

Bottom line: you need a strong negotiator, a listener and advisor, with a willingness to push to ensure the highest possible price under the most advantageous terms to you!

I am Bill FitzPatrick. I am Wellesley Real Estate. I am that agent.

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